How To Reduce HVAC Energy Cost in Your Home

As we all know the biggest contributor our Electric bill is the Heating, Ventilating and Air conditioning system, it is accountable for as much as 50% of our total Electricity bill. You can never choose between saving money or having a comfortable in your home in any season. have you ever wondering why even if the time consumption of your HVAC System is lessened still you have an enormous Energy Cost? 

 Even if there’s no other appliances that could contribute great to the electricity but still the Energy cost is too high and you’re thinking it might because of you HVAC System, if you are looking in the internet for some tips for your home to reduce you energy cost, you are in the right page now! We will give you tips to have lower energy cost that is applicable for all, simple and easy ways for HVAC Energy saving tips! 

  1. Schedule a monthly and yearly maintenance 
    Heating system and Air conditioning system have both air filters, make sure to replace it or clean up the air filter recommended to have it every month maintenance to have it check if it is still good or need for replacement because it has a lot of dust that can clogged the air filter. Clogged air filter can make the system work hard which can lead to higher energy consumption. Not only that the filter should be checked you should also need to have a yearly maintenance check up for the other parts to prevent for break up and more damage. For all your HVAC concern you can contact the ?AC technician Las Vegas for professional services. 
  1.  Get an Energy Audit 
    It is not a waste of time and money to investment for a good energy auditor, it is recommended to have an Energy Audit on your house and business premises to check what appliance contribute the most and have an efficient in overall HVAC system. 
  1. Have your thermostat program 

Having your programmable thermostat can really save you a ton of dollars and can have also help with your HVAC System not to have its full blast the whole time. It can operate your HVAC system efficiently by adjusting to the most optimum temperature any time of the day. 

  1. Insulate and Seal 

It is important to have your home sealed and insulated where you know the heat and the cool air can escape. Insulating the attic is a great start and help with your HVAC System. You can consult an insulation expert to help you with this matter. 

  1. Blocking the sunray 
    Next thing to have your home insulated and sealed is blocking the sunray in the windows. In summertime where the heat and the temperature is so high, it is helpful to block the sunray and heat to enter your home to help your air conditioner not to work harder, you can use blinds and shades. 
  1. Upgrade your HVAC System 
    The average lifespan of a HVAC system is 15-20 with proper care and maintenance, but it is recommended to change your HVAC system at its 10th year as mark up because it will become less efficient as time goes by. 

If you have more concern about your Heating, ventilating and air conditioning expert, you can contact your nearest HVAC Contract in town. 

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