How to Improve Your Chimney this Summer?

When you’ve observed that your chimney begins to look old dull, there are a few aesthetic solutions that will offer it an ideal facelift this summer and maintain it’s good to look once the winter arrives. Although, not all unappealing chimneys can be repaired with pure aesthetics. Let us discover some of the typical chimney conditions and what to do about such:

Incorporate an encasement

Given that no repairs are required and that your chimney is in great shape, you can surround it with your material selections like stucco, stone, or wood to provide it a totally new appearance. If you think you are handy, you can make this a DIY project. Otherwise, you can always employ a contractor or carpenter. Remember that this isn’t complicated but if it’s professionally done, it will definitely make a drastic difference in terms of your home and chimney’s appearance.

Install a beautiful chimney cap

Having a full-width and customized chimney cap can go a long way in improving the appearance of your chimney. Such parts would appear like a small roof above your chimney, which can come in different colors and styles. Moreover, they give great protection against outside debris getting into the water and flue damage to the chimney crown that borders the flue pipes.

Paint your chimney

When your brick’s natural appearance doesn’t excite you anymore, think about painting them. Applying one coat of quality latex primer and then 1-2 latex paint coats with your preferred color will come a long way. It’s vital that you do?chimney repair?before you start painting them. Once the needed repairs are done, you won’t need to redo parts of it.

Eliminate chimney stains

When you can observe stains on your chimney, here is what you should be aware of:

  • Black stains: Black stains are commonly caused by soot that exits the chimney, accumulating at the top and wash the sides down in the rain after. If you can’t find anything to minimize this issue, you may add a chimney cap. To drastically minimize creosote and soot buildup, it’s crucial to maintain the cleanliness of your flue with the help of chimney sweep services done at least once per year. As soon as this issue is solved, clean the bricks with a detergent and a scrub brush.
  • White stains: Usually, this happens due to salt that leaches in the bricks or out of water. A spray sealant may help in avoiding this issue. TSP is a decent cleaner that can eliminate white water stains. Also, to see some signs of a leaking problem, an inspection needs to be done.
  • Dark green stain: Algae development on bricks will show a dark-green stain. To keep the chimney, appear new and clean, algae should be periodically washed off. Consult with a professional chimney technician or cleaner as well to deal with different kinds of chimney stains.

If you wish to have a high-quality and new chimney, you may contact the best chimney service provider in town.

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