Questions About TPS Venezuela: Answered!

There are many puzzling questions regarding TPS Venezuela also known as Temporary Protected Status Venezuela. To clarify those questions, here are common questions that have always been raised regarding TPS Venezuela and the answers to relative to each concern.

How long will the stay be permitted?

This question is often raised due to situations related to Venezuela, thus the term of stay also circulates around the situation that needs emergency or urgent response. The primary term or period that has been provided is a a minimum of 6 months however should not exceed beyond 18 months of stay; however, the stay can be prolonged if ever the situation does not go back to normal. Given the period, some immigrants are working for the span of time mentioned.

How long is the work permit effective?

An authorization of employment is provided which is mostly known for the term EAD. The permit will be revoked along with the status of stay however will not push through expiration if ever there are issues. The extension will then be automatic if ever urgent or emergency issues arise.

If I overstayed, will I be able to have a TPS permit?

Yes, given that other necessary measures is taken into consideration. Sometimes in admissibility problems arise however these problems can be handled better with the help of an immigration lawyer. This is a necessary to ensure that there are no immigration elated issues that further arise.

Do I need to reapply?

The answer is mostly yes. Reapplication for TPS is done to maintain the status you are in. The same forms are used and collected and procedures that need to be followed are also the same. However, there are times that when beneficiaries have an extended term for their permit for employment, chances of automatic renewal are observed. Thus, if this case occurs, there will be no need for reapplication or reregistering and you can also ditch the fees that go along with such processes.

If ever I applied for TPS and got denied, will I be able to make an appeal?

Making an appeal for a denied TPS is entertained as long as the TPS case you are appealing for does not include breaking any national security or criminal concerns. In this case, you need to have an immigration attorney to help you with the process. This is advised to ensure that you can be advised in the best possible way or route. Moreover, this will better your chances in winning the case given that you have prepared much better through an immigration lawyer’s help.

If ever you have applied for a TPS and got denied, connecting with an immigration lawyer is key. He or she will help you prepare better so that you have a higher chance of winning the case. Moreover, you can gain further knowledge on what documents and claims to prepare as well as what process to follow. If ever you are someone with any TPS concern and are looking for one, try to check the website Through the help of an immigration lawyer, you can also know more about the further details that involve TPS.